Broken Link Building – A Good SEO Strategy?

Broken link building is one of the oldest strategy used to market a site. Now, more White Hat SEOs are building the broken links to increase page ranking. Is this a good SEO strategy to employ? Will this be beneficial for your business?

How does broken links work for your business?

Webmasters are well aware that any page error is a big no-no. Why? Because users will find this frustrating and thus lose their credibility. Rather than asking the webmaster for a link request, you’re doing them a favor by informing them of broken links and providing a solution by replacing them.

What are the tools you can use for building broken links?

CognitiveSEO: This is a backlinking tool that you can use to show backlinks, filter keywords and sort them by type to name a few.

Google Alerts: This tool will help you be more aware of your competition — or notify you when they’re out of business. Take advantage of those opportunities especially if you’re not the only one competing for this type of business.

Check My Links or Link Checker: These are browser extensions off Google Chrome and Firefox that you can use to check broken links or web pages. You can browse outdated websites of industries which you’re building your links for.

Where do you get broken links?

Broken links are found through resource lists. It’s a hit and miss thing, so it’s best to check out the resource link that fits your website’s niche that you’re building your links for. Once you’ve gotten to the most promising results, you’ll need to use a browser extension to highlight these broken links on the page.

Working with local business website? Don’t disregard checking for broken links. Online directories such as Yelp presents a good opportunity for you to look for similar businesses that has closed.

Once you’ve already located these links, the question now is: How will you approach webmasters?

Now that you already have your list of broken links, the next step is approaching the webmaster. Keep in mind that you’ll need to convince them to switch their broken links for yours. Some of these webmasters are someone off the business arena, so it might be best to give out reliable links with similar contents, products or services. For larger sites or blogs, you may opt to give them a sample of your services or products which they can recommend over your competition.

Approaching them as a random visitor or a fan may prove to a helpful method to use with webmasters. Admire the content shared in their site, show concern for bad links that you’ve stumbled upon and give out alternative links is a good alternative to get a hold of having your links recommended off their site.

There’s a good chance that you’re an SEO marketer and using broken links for your site will increase your chances of landing a good rank off search engine sites. The tricky part is getting these broken links from webmasters for a cost. If you’re a little tight on the budget, you can opt to suggest a good alternative to link to your site. This way, you’ll have a win-win situation and everyone is satisfied with the trade.