Gray Hat SEO

Gray Hat SEO is one of the three techniques that may come as riskier than White Hat. If not done properly, this may result to banning of your site from search engines and affiliate sites. Though many may find this technique a little ‘shady’, rocking on this technique for your site may be beneficial (given that you do it properly).

Gray Hat SEO basically is a practice which is ill-defined by the guidelines published in Google. For many businesses, it may seem like a good practice to help their sites have good rankings off search engines.

Appropriate understanding of Gray Hat keeps you from negative consequences that costs you time, money and traffic. We all know that Google is known for thinking outside the box and creative innovation. With regards to Gray Hat technique, this isn’t intended for search marketers or the searchers with the changes happening annually. So the trick now is to keep up-to-date and stay informed for its latest categorizations. What could be Gray Hat today may be White or Black Hat the next year.

To define further how to go about Gray Hat SEO, here are some tips on how it works.

Gray Content. If there are limitations to White Hat and stuffing with Black Hat, Gray Hat SEO works by working in between. Enough to be considered as White Hat but not enough to be considered as Black Hat. If you want this to work, you’ll need to work on high-quality content with keywords that sounds naturally in the content. You can also work on creating duplicate contents and posted on different sites.

Gray Links. Purchasing links may be considered a Black Hat activity. But given that links may be exchanged for sponsorship of a certain event, then this is considered safe. Another way is to put your site in appropriate directories. Plan a three-way linking to avoid reciprocal links from appearing and boost your rank in search engines.

Work with old domains. Old domain sites are maintained sites by webmasters but abandoned for some reason. Most of these sites are rich with content and backlinks so if you’re planning to have a website with backlinks ready, opting for an old domain may work.

Replicate content. Content is the kingpin of combined SEO efforts. In Gray Hat SEO, replicating these contents can boost your standing in the search engine ranking. By using spinners, you will be able to duplicate a content – only with some minute changes. What these spinners do is create a ‘slightly different’ content off the original one with keywords and links in the content. Though creating a totally unique content may put your site at a great advantage, having spinned ones may do the same given that the duplicated content gives off the same organic feel to it.

The possibility of your site being banned from Google is lesser compared with Black Hat SEO. However, the risk is still there and may result to a penalty. Techniques are questionable but nonetheless effective if with proper execution and of course, keeping up-to-date with Google’s guidelines.