Microformats and SEO – What They Are and How They Can Benefit Your Site

Google uses algorithms to pick snippets displayed off a certain page by your click through rates. However, using a set of HTML conventions that’s agreed upon and used to describe a content would mean more control in Google’s SERPs. Microformats has a way of helping you boost your ranking by using rich snippets using proper execution.

This technique is widely getting attention because its more relational and readable compared to using codes. It’s a basic and effective way to create semantic markups. Microformats uses code snippets that lets browsers or search engines easily understand what your site is about instead of just displaying it. Microformats easily conveys various information that are collected, understood and processed in various software. Some of the data that microformats are used in are geographic coordinates, reviews, social relationships or XFN and calendar events to name a few.

How to get started with microformating

1.) Update and validate your mark-up. By using Google’s Rich Snippets test web tool you can validate your microformats markup and preview the results of it.

2.) Make sure that no errors comes up your markup. If you’re getting an ‘insufficient data to generate preview’, make sure to check to validate again your markup. You can also check for sufficiency of your date to create a preview of your snippet by checking your microformat syntax.

3.) Use hCard microformat. It helps you structure contact information of a person or business easier using this. The end users and search engine bots can easily recognize the data and use it for various coverage of services. Google Maps uses hCard data to search for certain locations, which is used similarly with geo microformat.

In terms of SEO use, microformats are now being integrated to score higher ranks off search engines. Not only will this make it easier for search engines to detect, it will also be easier for the end user to find and check information about your business, what’s it about and your list of services and products. For business looking to boost their site’s ranking, using microformats are channeled in local directory listings. Aside from that, it also helps search engines understand your website better because of the clear information provided.

Nowadays, web developers are making use of this tool in their pages to make sure search engines will be able to pick up the websites and use it to gather leads. Currently, Yahoo and Google are using this to make it more semantic and give users a better search experience. Other popular sites using microformats are LinkedIn and Technocrati. If you’d want to get ahead of your competition, adding this technique to your list can improve ‘searchability’ and leads of your site.

Microformats works complimentarily with other web tools to get your rankings up in search engines. Having this as part of your SEO tools may put you ahead of your competition. Though learning this may take time and persistence, the results is worth the wait. Master the techniques in microformatting and it will do dramatic changes to placing your site on top of SERPs.