SEO on a limited budget

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Not all of us are backed by a big budget or are working for a large company who can invest in their SEO campaign. Many websites are owned by simple folk like you and yourself. But do not fret; there is a way for you to still do your SEO campaign even with a limited budget. Here’s how:

  1. Make a blog


Writing a blog is a very powerful means of conducting an SEO campaign. Search engines love blogs. Blogs also add another level of dynamism to your site. You whole site can be static, in fact, but still get a lot of movement from your blog.


One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to making a blog, a good one, is the content. For some people, creating content is extremely hard. But it shouldn’t be. Well, since you have limited SEO budget, hiring a copy writer to provide copy for you is out of the question (although there are sites that offer outsourced copy writing services at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house writer and the sites are worth checking out), then what you can do is to rewrite content and curate and aggregate content.


There are tons of sources in the internet, don’t be shy about learning from these sources and using the input that they share to your advantage.


  1. Write for other blogs


Quality inbound links or links that come from authoritative and important sites do a lot of good for your SEO rankings. Normally, you can wait till one of the big, high ranking sites takes notice of your humble site and like you enough to put up a link that points to you.  There’s one rather quick and easy way of getting some nice inbound links from a site in your niche and that is by guest blogging.



  1. Ask for pro help, strategically


Professional SEO help can cost you, but there are ways that you can get professional help without throwing all your money at the SEO expert. Rather than hiring an SEO manager full time, or subscribing to their services and packages, what you can do is to contract with an expert or agency in a very specific or strategic way.


One example is to get an SEO audit. Let them go through your site and give you a list of improvements that you should do. That way, you don’t have to pay them for fixing your site’s SEO, but just for the audit. You can then do the changes or improvements yourself.


You can also get monthly phone consultations from an SEO expert. This way you get to keep tabs on your SEO standing and also get some valuable insights. Many SEO experts do phone consultations for different individuals and companies. It is much more cost effective for the clients.


There are a couple more budget SEO techniques that you can do. The internet is replete with such tips. Just make sure that your source is an authority in SEO and that you keep on doing the changes that you begin. Continually improving on your site is also a good SEO practice.

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