SEO vs. PPC – what’s best for your business?

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There has always been this silent debate about which one is better for businesses, SEO or PPC. SEO or search engine optimization builds up your presence on the internet search engines to help consumers find you, while PPC or pay per click advertising provides sites or businesses with the means to position themselves where the clients appear.

Both will bring in good business when done properly, so if you can only choose one, which one should it be? Here’s a short comparison of the advantages of SEO and PPC, to help you determine which one is the best for your business.

  1. SEO vs PPC: Budget


Obviously Pay Per Click is going to cost you, especially if you want to reach a large number of customers and potential buyers. SEO on the other hand, is something that you can do yourself for free (although, since you are using your own time and resources, it’s not really free). Therefore, if you’re tied to a small budget, the more attractive option would be to go with SEO. There’s budget PPC however, and depending on your budget, this can also be available to you.


  1. SEO vs PPC: Consumer Trust


A lot of internet users (and not just internet users, a large percentage of the buying public, whether online or offline) don’t trust ads and have trained themselves to ignore the ads that they see while they are browsing. What’s even more surprising is that they don’t only ignore these ads, they are also very untrusting of them. And when you compare it to SEO results, which are viewed as very trustworthy by the people of the internet. Everyone holds Google in high regards and believe almost everything that Google says.


  1. SEO vs PPC: Consumer Conversion


SEO brings a lot of traffic to a site, especially if the campaign is done properly and continuously, but the thing with the traffic that a successful SEO campaign brings when compared with the traffic that a successful PPC brings is that the PPC crowd does more buying than the SEO crowd. And of course, while a large number of visitors to one’s online store is great, what’s even better is a good chunk of visitors that actually buy something from your site.

If you have the budget and you want to make some sales, you are probably going to seesaw between using either PPC or SEO for your business. As mentioned in this article, both SEO and PPC have their own strengths and weaknesses, but they are both pretty good at bringing in the crowd to your little party on the web. In an ideal world, you should actually be using both. Maximizing your budget and getting your money’s worth when it comes to PPC or SEO.

If you can choose only one though, it’s going to have to be the one which works the best with your marketing strategy. Determine what’s important for your business goals and choose accordingly, as both, when executed properly, will increase your ROI.

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