Should You as a Search Engine Optimizer Focus on Content Marketing?

Consumers are more likely to turn to checking the Net to get the information they needed. Smart marketers have noticed and understood where this is going, paving way for content marketing to work in this area. And since you already know the potential of this type of marketing, should your business solely focus on this?

Why start content marketing now?

Customer preferences have changed and the only way is to keep up with that change. Digital technologies are slowly shifting consumers towards faster and more efficient delivery of information, thus the need for content marketing to be part of your marketing plan. Nowadays, business buyers usually contacts their suppliers once the purchase process hits 57% from completion. Because everything happens ‘fast’, consumers will discard any marketing ploy within seconds. This is where content marketing comes in.

How do you get started?


First, you’ll need to lay out your marketing goals. Is it intended to lessen customer complaints? What is market target and what are their needs? Whatever your answers are off these questions will be the meat of your content. Keep in mind that it should be in line with your goals.
Set realistic duration to finish your goals. List all your long-term and short-term goals and all of which can be achievable within that set time limit. Know your marketing objectives and what your audience would be looking for. Based on those needs, you’ll be able to categorize and expand it using various contents to explain it.

Get organized with your content by starting big and then narrowing them to specific topics. Start with a theme and then work smaller bits and pieces of content from there. Set time and date for release of each piece and plan for its distribution. You can schedule these contents with certain holidays or major events. Before long, you’ll be needing a content marketing calendar to send off these content.

What are the roadblocks of content marketing?

Just like any tactic, content marketing also has its flaws. Since this will take a lot of monitoring and manpower, resourcing and budgeting could a problem. However, you can use something like Contently to schedule these contents to be sent out. This way, you won’t have to worry much about budgeting and scheduling the distribution of these contents for your social media.

Create a social story. It’s good to plan out three to five unique tweets for each content that will be released within the week of its release. Gathering feedback from Facebook may give you a good grasp of the effectiveness of your content. Create an excerpt in Google+ page and post subject matters that engages a discussion to flow. Add a company page in your LinkedIn account, share it to your colleagues and have them share it on their social media pages. Leveraging with social media platforms and relationship platforms such as ContentDJ and Hootsuite can have a dramatic impact on your site’s ranking.

Marketing is now evolving and being left behind may mean loss of profit for you. Content marketing is here to stay and many businesses have already benefited off this. Solely working on content marketing may take time to pick-up. However, using these with other SEO tools can boost your SERP result.