Common SEO mistakes


Everybody who owns and manages a website is doing Search Engine Optimization whether they know about it or not. The problem with some SEO mistakes is that a lot of so called SEO experts and some of the more average, everyday type of guy who is running his website doesn’t know he may be committing these mistakes in the first place.

Here is a list of the more common SEO mistakes. Take a look at the list and see if you aren’t committing one or a couple of them.

  1. Poor or Duplicate Content


In the internet content is king. It trumps design, baits and whatever else webmasters are putting in their websites to attract more visitors. The simple truth is that if visitors find what they are looking for in your site, in updated and in quality quantities, then they’re bound to return to your site.


The opposite happens when your site has duplicate or poor quality content. Bad content drives away visitors like the plague while duplicate content will earn you a bad rep from Google, who values original and high quality content over copy pasted material.


  1. Targeting the Wrong Keywords or Not at All


A lot of people don’t know that they have to target keywords and that the ones they do should be the right ones for their site. Panda is an update released by Google and one of its main missions is to find the best high quality and find the most relevant content on the internet. If you are a dentist site and you are targeting “portable air compressors” as your keywords, then there is a very obvious chance that you aren’t providing the right content.


Another problem that stems from choosing the wrong keywords is that while you have your own set of keywords that you target for your site, your potential visitors just might be using a different set of keywords in their searches.


  1. Keyword Stuffing


This is a mistake when websites overstuff their pages with different kinds of keywords, to the point that their copies don’t read like copy at all but unnatural sounding text that borders on gibberish. Of course, you need to focus on keywords, but overcrowding your site with them is going to harm your rankings even further. It’s not going to help with Google Panda and it’s not going to help your visitors, so make sure you aren’t committing this mistake.


  1. Be an authority

Some sites just plain write about everything and anything under the sun. Google Panda isn’t actually impressed with that. What Google wants are sites whose authors are the authority in that particular field or niche. For instance, if you were a motor biking site, then you should focus on things that are related to your field, like: driving right, motorcycle models, helmets, road safety etc. Writing about cakes and proper building engineering isn’t going to help your rankings.


There are a lot more common mistakes that SEO people are doing, and it’s reflecting on their ability to deliver their service. So make sure you aren’t committing these mistakes.