How do I evaluate SEO companies & their services?


There are a lot of SEO companies providing, what they claim, are the best Search Engine Optimization services and solutions in the industry. With all of these experts claiming to be the crème de la crème when it comes to upgrading your site’s SEO rankings, how are you going to weed through all these so-called experts and find the one who will actually deliver?

Here are a couple of ways that you can evaluate SEO companies and the services that they offer:

  1. If they SEO their own


One surefire and very quick way of determining if the said SEO expert is actually an expert, is by looking at their site. If the site doesn’t look organized, or if they don’t appear search engine optimized, then why are you bothering even speaking with them. If these guys can’t even clean their homes, why are you going to hire them to clean yours?



  1. Promise fast results


It’s just not possible to determine when or what the results will be for every particular SEO campaign. So if they are claiming that they will be able to deliver the results fast and within this particular time frame, then run away and never look back. The real experts know that there is really no way to predict the outcome, much less when the outcome will occur. The real SEO will probably say things like, it’s not possible to determine results or they will have to observe your site as the SEO campaign progresses.


  1. Use just one software


There are many fantastic SEO software available on the market, but no one particular software will be able to do all of the work that an SEO needs. So real SEO experts use a couple of tools and software and don’t just rely on one. If you’re SEO expert says that he or she is using just this one software because its great or if they are using a secret software then it’s time to run away again.


  1. Marketing Call Words


Another way to determine whether an SEO company is really worth your money is by looking at their copy. Do they offer FAST RESULTS at VERY AFFORDABLE RATES, WEBSITE RANKS NO 1 GUARANTEED? Then you should really look for somebody else. There’s a good chance that these kinds of so-called SEO experts are really just selling snake oils and will most likely just waste your money.


  1. If they provide a detailed plan


If you’re SEO expert provides you with a detailed plan of what you will have to do to make your page rank, then there’s a good chance that they are a keeper. Most fake experts will just tell you to sit back, relax and wait till your site is magically in the number one spot. A real SEO expert will tell you where trenches will have to be dug and where they plan to aim suppressive fire, or something to that extent. Claims versus plans. Always go with the Plan guy.