How Effective is SEO?

Many years ago companies were able to make it to the top of search engines by simply adding in keywords into the metadata of their websites and unfortunately many companies still think that’s what it takes. But although this practice still continues today, the effectiveness of this single SEO act is useless. This begs the question, “How can I get my website to the top of Google?”

As search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and now Bing adapt and improve their technology for searching through millions of websites, the “science” behind how to get your website at the top of these searches becomes more and more complex. What once used to be an easy insertion of keywords to metadata, is now a literal computer science which requires a team working to maximize results.

Factors such as website structure, keyword density, directory submissions, linking structures, and standardized content and picture protocols, just to name a few, must be completely in sync and directed towards the goals of the SEO Campaign. It is a literal science that takes time, experience, and innovation to master. Additionally, it is key to monitor SEO efforts and make necessary changes as technology and the goals of the website change. SEO is proven to yield the highest ROI out of all internet strategies and when done correctly can yield huge dividends.

Besides increasing the traffic by providing the content to the search engines, there is a lot more to achieve through Search Engine Optimization. Some benefits of search engine optimization are:

Targeted Traffic: Search Engine Optimization increases the number of visitors to your site. It also ensures that these visitors are converted into potential customers by focusing on bringing targeted traffic to your website. More targeted traffic would mean more sales of your products and services.

Increased Visibility to the Search Engines: Search Engine Optimization makes your website more visible to the search engines and gives it an international recognition. The search engines index the web pages and ensure that your website is reached by the customers from across the globe.

High returns on investment: Effective SEO measures offer higher returns on investment than any other online marketing efforts. This ensures that your volume of sales and profits are raised.

Measurable Results: The SEO campaigns can be measured through various SEO reports on SERP ranks, visitor conversion and others. When the results of a campaign can be quantified, it becomes easy to track the effectiveness of the same.

Cost Effective: Search Engine Optimization offers the maximum exposure to your website at a fraction of cost. There cannot be a more cost effective way of achieving this.