How do I learn SEO?

Search Engine Optimization has become a prevalent term and an important skill to know, especially as far as internet marketing is concerned. The more optimized a website is for search engines, the more natural traffic it will receive, and the more potential the website has for paying customers. But SEO is not important for large companies with websites looking to sell a product. With the internet becoming such an extensive part of every day life, even the humble blogger must learn SEO in order to get their voice heard in toady’s world.

In order to learn SEO, one must first learn about SEO. Search Engine Optimization includes optimizing web content so that is scores well on a search engine’s algorithms. But you must first learn what the algorithms are scoring. What follows are some resources for the complete SEO newbie.

Steps to a Google-friendly site: a must read for anybody who needs to learn the basics of how to rank well in Google.

How Google Search Works: A short article with more detailed information about how Google crawls and indexes the web.

SEO Starter Guide: Written by Google, this PDF goes in depth about the best way to start optimizing for search engines.

You may have noticed something peculiar about the above resources: they’re all published by Google, about Google. That’s because Google owns about 70% of the search engine “market.”


So know that you have some basic knowledge about it, best possible way to learn Search Engine Optimization – or any other skill for that matter – is to just sit down and do it. Start off with a small website, a blog maybe, a place to sit and test to your hearts content. Coding is not ever required to do SEO effectively. In fact, WordPress, the easiest platform to publish a website, incidentally has the easiest SEO tools for the everyman.

If you’ve got a website already and want some quick tips that you can implement immediately, this Buzzfeed “article” has surprisingly good tips for the beginner. If you’re a blogger looking for some quick and dirty tips to implement quickly, too, this problogger article is a good place to start.

Once you’ve started learning a little bit more and have gotten a feel for the whole “SEO thing,” it’s time to take your learning up a notch and start really getting into the nuts and bolts of the industry. Start attending SEO conferences and networking events. These events are invaluable to the beginner. You will be immersed in a sea of knowledge and start rubbing shoulders with people in the same boat as you, and people who’s boats are much further upstream than yours is.

Lastly, consider joining a university-type website, such as DistilledU. SEO is cutting edge, and traditional universities and colleges have yet to add SEO (or any sort of internet skill for that matter) to their core curriculum. These courses offer you a comprehensive, in-depth learning experience for learning both the theoretical and the technical aspects of SEO.

How to Get Started with Learning SEO

Many have wondered how to get into Internet marketing and often stumped with countless questions about SEO (that often doesn’t make sense unless you study them). So if you’re completely new to the world of SEO and online marketing, you’re on the right page.



SEO is an online marketing strategy that promotes a web site by leading visitors to their site through search engines. This is a powerful tool that content marketers are using to get leads and promote their sites, thus leading consumers to purchase or avail the services they provide. SEO are usually used in article contents or backlinks. In a simple phrase: SEO is a means for your site to be able to communicate with search engines better.

When you search for something online, where do you usually go for? It’s primarily off these three sites: Google, Bing and Yahoo. Yes, it’s a given that social media drives sales into your site. But to make the most of your online presence, having a good ranking off these search engines will give you better leads and drive more visitors to your site. If search engines picks up your site, you will get better leads and many will be more aware of your services and products.

With targeted keywords and visitors, these search queries carries great value for your company. If you invest in SEO, you’ll be have an online presence and better marketing success with the huge market the Internet offers.

Now that you’re given the bird’s eye view of what SEO is about, here are some sites you might want to go to learn more about it.







This site offers a lot of insights from the community and online publications to help those who are just learning about SEO. The site offers a 30-day trial to give you a feel of their services and educational materials to get your SEO business running.


Webmaster World

This is one of the longest running forums intended for SEO bloggers filled with web development and marketing online topics. While most topics here are started by the webmasters, there are various topics that are started by those who subscribed as well. Relevant topics about SEO marketing and their experience makes the learning more relational and open. Unfortunately, getting into your hands into these gems are not for free.



Search Engine Land

Danny Sullivan, a familiar face in the SEO industry, started this site. He is active in the latest developments in terms of search engines and has a huge set of connections of SEO experts and developers. is filled with content intended for SEO bloggers who are starting or wanted to start an SEO business. You just need to subscribe and you’re good to go!



Google’s SEO Guidelines

Google is one of those networks that provides the best searches off the net. If you’re planning to start SEO, might as well count Google in. It’s better to learn certain guidelines and not cross lines with Google. In here, you’ll find certain techniques and tactics that will help boost your searches online through Google.

Despite the good result that comes off from learning SEO, it’s crucial that you take the time to learn about marketing and content. There are a lot of SEO experts online that provide reliable information on how to go about this. They will also assist you in getting the most of your SEO learning and turning it into an income-generating site. And the right time to start is now.