SEO Trends 2014


One of the things that you should always be aware of when you want your website to rank, are the trends. Trends have a lot of say to how the industry is going to move, so keeping an eye on the current trends is a great way of protecting and maintaining (not to mention) improving your SEO ranking and techniques.

Do Real Marketing

Search engine optimization is about tweaking your website so it puts your site in a position where there is a high level of traffic. Imagine putting a rock where there’s a stream or a glass under the waterfall. Not the prettiest picture but in a way, that’s what SEO is doing. Moving things about so the site catches visitors.

Now, with the dawn of the death of keywords and multi-screen devices, there’s a real need to actually start doing marketing and finding out where people are searching and particularly what they are looking for.

Be creative

How many times has everyone read or heard about “How to get the best deals” or “How to choose the best” whatever or whatnot? The internet is full of this stuff. It’s practically flooded with it. Now it is time to be a bit more creative and find a different angle on how to attract buyers and costumers. It’s now the time to be more creative, and that’s creativity that doesn’t just make pretty user interfaces and sites, but creativity that actually links with traditional marketing and advertising.

Multi-Screen Crowd

Today is the day of the multi-gadget and multi-screen crowd. One out of every person in the world owns a smartphone while one in almost every ten owns a tablet. It’s a staggering development, and one that’s easy to see. Just take a look around you, people are carrying their gadgets with them and doing all sorts of things with it: playing games, watching shows, connecting with family, and making purchases.

If your SEO or marketing campaign does not address this current development, then you’re going to have a hard time catching this crowd of gadget owners. Your consumers or audience are changing the way they connect to the internet, it’s time you changed your techniques and adapted to this development.

Pay Attention to the Social Channels

Now, it is more important than ever to have a well-connected presence in social media, across all key platforms. Sure Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are all very popular social media networks, but they aren’t the only social media networks that your target audience is probably using. That’s why we’ve reached a point in SEO history that putting up a visible and high quality social media presence is important.  You should also create quality multimedia material that your visitors can share in their social media networks.

Now that you know all about these trends, you can do something about it. Just imagine what could have happened if you weren’t aware of these trends. You would have done the same old thing and not realize that you were doing more harm than good for your site’s SEO ranking. Learn the trends and do the necessary adjustments to keep your site in tiptop shape.